Sunday, October 16, 2005

conference calls.

tis the season to submit abstracts.

if you're planning to submit a paper/poster abstract to any of the many conferences within the next few weeks, here's a mini-forum to post titles, name conferences, and ask questions about another's proposed research.

i'm submitting an abstract on the use of ellipses as discourse markers in computer-mediated communication. it's a sociolinguistic analysis of its use as a phrasal conjunction, and focuses on how it's used by speakers in this capacity to affect turn and sequence within CMC, as well as distinguish the "spoken" text of CMC from otherwise "written" text.

i'm bound to the states for monetary reasons, but i'll be submitting to the university conferences with socioling or linganth plenaries - the chicago linguistics conference (Marianne Mithun) and the berkeley linguistics conference (Walt Wolfram). i'll also submit to the american culture association's southwest division, with this year's language and society focus.

i'm also hidously curious where other CMC-abstracts are being sent. you know, strength in numbers.
Sounds good - looking at a re-purposing of originally writing-only features to more nearly approximate speech is so my bag (and yours). What applications are you looking at? (chat, IM, msg board, game)

I'm contemplating potential abstracts, but nothing concrete yet.
i'm usually all about instant messages, but i'm looking at chat this time around.

i heard today that the call for SALSA papers is coming up soon.
last year, SALSA had a whole section devoted to internet research.

you guys are welcome to stay with me if you want to come to SALSA. we have bunk beds!
SALSA and salsa AND salsa all make me happy in different ways. I hope to submit this year for sure, and also eat lots of chips, and dance frenetically.
bunk beds.

you're on, iorio.
lauren... i can guarantee the salsa variety that goes with chips will be there along with the SALSA variety that goes with sociolinguistics, but i don't remember there being any salsa variety that goes with dancing.

i'm sure that my wife would be willing to expose you to this last, marginalized variety of salsa though.

i hear that susan herring is a keynote at SALSA this year.

the plot thickens.
I just checked the website and it's true. So is your own Kira Hall. Hooray!
speaking as a) a past co-chair, b) a past reviewer and c)a past presenter, if you are going to submit cmc-related abstracts to SALSA (and I encourage you to do so), do keep in mind that many people reading the abstracts are not at all technology researchers, and that there are not a ton of people at UT doing this kind of research, so you really have to make a clear case as to why this is important work. It's best to assume your audience does not know much about cmc research (cause they probably don't), so you need to educate them a bit. (and Josh that means you should definitely sign up as an abstract reviewer!) Having results aleady that you can discuss in your abstract is always a plus.
I just submitted something on LiveJournaling for the PCA in Atlanta this spring and it was accepted (within two hours of sending it in, never underestimate the speed and power of us Internet folks!) I'll be at the AAAs at the end of November trying to expose Linguistic Anthropologists to CMC, so if any of you are in DC around that time and want to come support, it would be appreciated.
Would I ever! I am probably going to be at AAA...this only solidifies my intent to go. Are you presenting? What day? I haven't yet located the full schedule.
i'd love to go back east to see that. are you presenting, or just proselytizing?

and is mary bucholtz going to be there this year? i think she'd be really interested in the kind of work we do.
presenting, Thursday at 8 a.m., which is exactly when people want to hear me ramble about CMC. This will be my first year at AAA, so I'm not sure who is showing up and mostly I'll be wandering around trying to meet the right people.

(man, this blog might actually finally force me to get a blog and not just an LJ, even though I'm a big LJ fan.)
Which panel is that in? It doesn't have lists of presentation names and nothing seems to be very CMC-ish. I would love to know who "the right people" in anthro-CMC (CMA?) are.
Mine's actually a poster presentation, though Linguistic Anthropology, so I'm not sure if we're all themed or just random. However, I do know there's a panel run by a friend on Friday afternoon that is CMC themed (and I'll have my poster there for display, too.)

Here's the running list of presentations at AAA with a CMC focus. Mine is listed as 8 p.m. because I've got some conflicting info, so hopefully that will sort itself out soon.
i was reading through the presenters and finally perked up when i saw one on that mentioned communities of practice.

than i realized that rae = rachel. welcome to the flock.
AWE. some.

Yes, sorry. Nicknames and professional names. rae = rachel = infinitivesplit, they are all one in the same.
not to make this post that much longer, since i think it's just us three reading it, but i've never been able to use those online monikers as an actual self-referential. i had to actually change my username on one of the social network sites i'm, er, ethnographying to 'joshua'.

said social network site frequently has offline meetings internationally, and you see constantly see name tags with screen names on them. and people use them. and it freaks me out a little. it interests me academically something awful, but it definitely freaks me out a little.
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