Saturday, October 22, 2005

interactional syntax.

since schegloff has already been brought up here:

not too long ago i read through his article on the relevance of repair to a syntax-for-conversation, and i started thinking about how relevant studies of interactional syntax could be when applied to CMD. when it comes to hardcore linguistics i'm more into phonology and comparative ling, but even i'm interested in how things like acronyms, text play, and emoticons must shape the structure of utterances.

a large list of schegloff's papers in pdf format can be downloaded here, if you want to read straight from the source.

any thoughts or reading suggestions can go into the comment box - but, you know, we're dealing with syntax, so i won't be too surprised if this gets unresponded to.

general applause for emanuel schegloff and others who actually post their publications for open distribution.
Yeah - that webpage is awesome. I'm excited about reading some things, and then maybe commenting on this when I understand more of what you're talking about.
Great stuff, I'm goig to have to download schegloff's work and read it before I can come up with something insightful to say.
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