Thursday, August 17, 2006

Journal of Sociolinguistics: CMC Issues

I got an email from Dr. Jannis Androutsopoulos, a professor of Mediated Communication at Hannover University informing us about the september issue of the Jounal of Socio that's focused on CMC :) Below is the index:

Journal of Sociolinguistics 10:4
Theme Issue: Sociolinguistics and computer-mediated communication
Issue editor: Jannis Androutsopoulos

Jannis Androutsopoulos
Introduction: Sociolinguistics and computer-mediated communication

Susan C. Herring and John C. Paolillo
Gender and genre variation in weblogs

Marisol del-Teso-Craviotto
Language and sexuality in Spanish and English dating chats

Beat Siebenhaar
Code choice and code-switching in Swiss-German Internet Relay Chat rooms

Helen Kelly-Holmes
Multilingualism and commercial language practices on the Internet

Jannis Androutsopoulos
Multilingualism, diaspora, and the Internet: Codes and identities on German-based diaspora websites

Alexandra Georgakopoulou
Postscript: Computer-mediated communication in sociolinguistics


whoa, dude. i'm going to campus to check that out right now.

i'm most excited about the introduction and postscript articles, to be honest. i don't think enough has been said about the actual application of sociocultural linguistics to what goes on in computer-mediated discourse. i wants to read about theory. i wants to read about methods.

(i want to read about ICT ethnography too, actually - where are all the linguistic anthropologists at?)
I do believe that someone has been reading our minds Joshua...
I, too, am way into this.
will this issue be available online? iorio, do we have access to this periodical thru utexas libs?

this is definitely exciting. interesting to see so many german/swiss-german articles out there on this topic.
yep, you can get it now through the library :)
by the way -

androutsopoulos's introduction to the issue is, well, kind of brilliant. it gives a decent overview of the cmc-sling literature thus far, defines some areas of research that are especially pertinent to sociolinguistics working on CMD, and gives a great critique of 'netspeak' and ideas about relatively homogenous 'online language' in general. it certainly won't be anything new to most people blogging here, but it's really refreshing to see her ideas put out in print, and especially in the journal of socioling.
thanks, joshua - much appreciated :-)

btw. it's "his ideas", not "her ideas"... jannis is greek for john, spelled according to german orthography rules :-)
oi. this is what i get for only studying romance orthography.

apologies, sir :)
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