Monday, August 28, 2006

studying sociocmc

i thought this might be of interest to the other students on the list - my advisor agreed to do an independent study with me on the sociolinguistics of CMC this semester, the syllabus of which is online for safe keeping.

it's hardly exhaustive, given that i only have a week - two weeks for topics like gender and conversation analysis that really get me going - to cover the readings on each topic, but i'm hell of excited to get through some of these. it's also tailored specifically to those articles i haven't read, but have been meaning to read, or have read once and really want to tackle again.

plans for the final project include a terribly long annotated bibliography to use for dissertationing. squires' cmc bibliography was a huge help in formatting this, btw.

What--I'm not in you CA cites??!!??

Anyway, I do have two papers you might be intersted in, one on turn organization, that I think in some ways contrats with Jacobs & Garcia, a) b/c they don't really talk about threading as an organizing principle and b) b/c by transcription system is superior. Also, for that section I recently found yet another paper by someone else doing the same thing--one major problem with this work (and something to address in your course) is that it is largely disconnected): Simpson, J. (2005). Conversational floors in synchronous text-based CMC discourse. Discourse Studies, 7(3): 337–361.
My second, almost finished paper, is on one aspect of repair in CMC.
but i don't want to write scathing critiques of your research nearly as much as i want to write them on G & J, Doc Markman ;)

superior transcription system, you say? i'm checking those papers out when i get a free minute, fo sure.
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