Wednesday, November 01, 2006

MultiMeDialectTranslation (how do you remember THAT?)

This is way cool and surprisingly relevant, methinks. Anyone have any involvement with the multimedia translation scene? I'd love to hear more about it.
MultiMeDialecTranslation 2007 - Third International Conference of Dialects and

The conference is directed at academics from various disciplines as well as
translators and students who are interested in the translation of dialects in
multimedia contexts. The conference will concentrate on a complex,
interdisciplinary subject area involving linguistics, communication studies,
film studies and translation studies as well as other areas of cultural studies,
sociology and other disciplines. The main topics to be covered at the conference
include dubbing, subtitling films in dialect and linguistic varieties; theatre
translation; cultural transfer processes in the characteristics of dialects;
archaisms, regionalisms, varieties in the continuum between dialect and standard
language; diglossia (national language and regional or local language;
''official'' and ''non official'' language); the use of new technologies in the
translation of dialect.

whoa, cool.

the only person i know of who's done work on that is robin queen, but you probably already knew that.
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