Wednesday, December 13, 2006

gamer audience design, again

sony has launched a blog site about their psp system for the holidays, hiring outside help to write it as if it were a real blog in the voice of what i imagine is supposed to be your typical gamer? ideologies galore. examples of assumedly-strategically-placed yet strikingly-random-in-their-placement features:

alphanumeric homophone abbreviations ("hope u like.")
adoption of leet-esque speech features ("pwn it!!1!" "hav3...")
lack of final punctuation in single sentences ("start knitting" "iron on")
multiple punctuation ("too funky fresh???" "pwn it!!1!")
various non-standard orthography ("playa" "srsly")

and the excellent lack of capitalization that abruptly ends (styleshifts?) when sony reveals itself to be the author of the blog. in their own post they even admit that the language of the blog was probably a bit much. more sociocmc talk about language and the gaming industry here.

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