Thursday, July 19, 2007

SocioCMC Wiki!

Hi all,

I just started a wiki over at wetpaint for my (and your?) purposes: it's here. I have been meaning for forever to update my now-very-outdated CMC Bibliography page, but I think the best way to maintain something like this (and be driven to update it on a somewhat regular basis) is to have a collaborative, easily-editable format, which a wiki (I think, but we'll see) provides.

I am hoping to make it a place where we can maintain not only bibliographies, but links to relevant blogs, the websites of people who are doing relevant work, maybe stuff like book reviews?, and popular press articles and whatnot. Basically I always want to have an aggregate of all of this information but have never been un-lazy enough to make it happen. Maybe with other people's help it

So, if you feel like adding some content, please do so! And suggestions on the way pages are categorized and wahtnot are totally welcome - I just added some content-less pages to get stuff started, but it'll be a work in progress.

I think the bibliographies are a good idea. Perhaps it would make more sense to organize them by subject/topic rather than discipline? Much of the research can very easily fall under several disciplines, for example conversation analysis has its roots in sociology, but could easily be said to be part of the communication disciple or ling anth, depending on the practitioner. But a bibliography of say, all the articles/papers on turn organization in cmc would be useful, regardless of disciplinary affiliation. (same as topics like gender, variation, etc.) What do you think?
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