Thursday, December 06, 2007


Hi All,

I'm new to this blog, but I wanted to contribute some findings. I wrote a squib about the role of leet in CoPs, in light of David Heineman's paper Gleaning Meaning from Leetspeak that was presented at the 2004 NCA convention in Chicago. If I knew how to upload it, I would as a resource. I don't know how to do that...

First, I was surprised that there are so few articles addressing the use of blogs and the CoPs that work within them. But I was even more surprised that this (Heineman) paper was the only thing close to scholarly research on leetspeak. If you know of anything else, let me know.

Heineman's article was incredibly difficult to find. Why? The title was written in leet. Here's the link to the paper (try finding it without this link first for fun):

Basically, this article addressed directly how "leetspeak" merits discussion in the field and how it is constantly changing to maintain shifts in particular identities. Just thought I'd share the link to this paper, since it was a real pain to track down...Let me know what you think, and I'd be glad to share my paper with anyone interested.

how is he defining "leetspeak", i.e. what bundle of linguistic variables is he calling leetspeak?

I was wondering if you have a saved pdf of it. I really want to include leet speak as part of my Language and Culture class, but there's not that much about it. The website no longer has it up. Or at least it is not showing up for me.

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